Name Transformation: How to Change Your Minecraft Server Name

17 July, 2022

Control Panel

Your Minecraft server's name is more than just a label; it represents your server's identity and can attract players to join your community. If you're looking to give your Minecraft server a fresh start or rebrand it with a new name, you might be wondering how to change it. In this article, we will explore different methods to help you transform the name of your Minecraft server and give it a new identity.

Method 1: Server Configuration File

  1. Access Your Server Files:

    Locate the directory where your Minecraft server files are stored. This is typically the folder where your server's JAR file is located.

  2. Open the Configuration File:

    Look for a file named "" in the server directory. Use a text editor to open this file.

  3. Locate the "Server Name" Property:

    Within the "" file, search for the property "server-name" or "motd" (Message of the Day). This property contains the current name of your server.

  4. Modify the Name:

    Change the value next to the "server-name" or "motd" property to the desired name for your server. Ensure that you follow any formatting rules or character limits specified in the file.

  5. Save the Changes:

    Save the modified "" file and close the text editor.

  6. Restart the Server:

    Restart your Minecraft server for the changes to take effect. Players will now see the new name when they connect to your server.

Method 2: Server Hosting Control Panel

If you use a server hosting service that provides a control panel, you can often change your server's name directly from the control panel. Here's a general guideline:

  1. Log into Your Control Panel:

    Access your server hosting provider's control panel using the provided login credentials.

  2. Find the Server Settings:

    Locate the server settings or configuration section in the control panel. This may vary depending on your hosting provider.

  3. Modify the Name:

    Look for an option related to the server name or "motd." Enter the desired name for your Minecraft server in the appropriate field or text box.

  4. Save the Changes:

    Save the modifications or apply the changes within the control panel.

  5. Restart the Server:

    Restart your Minecraft server through the control panel or by following the provider's instructions. The new name will be visible to players when they connect to your server.

Method 3: Using Plugins or Mods

If you have a Bukkit, Spigot, or other modded server, you can use plugins or mods to change your server's name. Here's a general process:

  1. Install the Plugin or Mod:

    Find a plugin or mod that allows you to change the server name. Ensure that it is compatible with your server version.

  2. Follow the Plugin or Mod Instructions:

    Read the documentation or instructions provided with the plugin or mod to learn how to configure the server name.

  3. Modify the Name:

    Use the commands or configuration files specified by the plugin or mod to change your server's name.

  4. Save the Changes:

    Save any modifications made to the plugin or mod configuration files, if applicable.

  5. Restart the Server:

    Restart your Minecraft server for the changes to take effect.

Note: If you choose to use plugins or mods, be cautious and ensure that you obtain them from reputable sources to avoid compatibility issues or potential security risks.

Minecraft Server

Give Your Server a New Identity:

Changing the name of your Minecraft server can breathe new life into your community and attract new players. Whether you opt for modifying the server configuration file, using a control panel, or employing plugins or mods, the process is relatively straightforward. Remember to communicate the name change to your existing player base and promote the new name to reach a wider audience. With a simple name transformation, you can refresh your Minecraft server's identity and create a fresh and inviting environment for players to explore and enjoy.

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