Best village seeds in Minecraft


Best village seeds in Minecraft

Villages in Minecraft Bedrock Edition have many benefits

Villages can also host events that are not available elsewhere in Minecraft. These include the zombie sieges, and illager raids. These events give the player emeralds which can be used for trading.

Because of the strength and unique gameplay villages can provide, Minecraft players will want to have quick access. It is the best way to get to villages than to spawn close to them with a set seed.

Five best Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds to use in villages in 2022

5) Woodland mansion

Seed: -1834441039

Although this seed only contains one village, it also contains one the most rare structures in Minecraft, as well as some boons that allow for a quick start. This rare structure is a woodland mansion. It's a tough gauntlet with enemies that offers great loot.

Two shipwrecks are located within walking distance from spawn. A ruined portal is also available halfway to the mansion. This will help new players get ready for the hard work ahead. The Minecraft world should offer a unique experience thanks to the villagers and their starting resources.

4) Coral oasis and green underground

Seed: 599282705

This seed is a great example of how beautiful the game can sometimes be. This seed spawns near a desert oasis with coral reefs, and it presents one of Minecraft's most stunning generations – a multistory lush cavern.

The seed includes a village and shipwreck nearby to give novices a jumpstart. There is also a large ruin they can use.

3) Flower fields

Seed: 1361294490

This seed will spawn players in a village that is nestled within a biome of flower fields.

Two villages are located within a few hundred yards of the spawn point. The larger village is an added bonus, and adds a lot of variety.

2) Quadvillage

Seed: 944710140

In a matter of seconds, this seed will spawn players in not just one or two villages, but four.

A pillager outpost is located nearby, which allows you to raid the seed early. Within a few hundred block of the spawn point is another rare biome – the ice spikes biome.

1) Witch's hut

Seed: 969046304

The seed has a variety of rare features, all within a few hundred blocks. Although there are only two villages in the world, a savannah or a desert, this combination of biome villages will provide new players with everything they need to get started.

A witch's hut is also available in the world. Enterprising players can use it to build a witch farm as well as a jungle and desert temple. These structures can also be used to increase a player's spawn by providing rare resources.